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Glass Enterprise Edition II
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Everything made simple

Picavi Cockpit

Picavi Cockpit – Everything made simple

Why Picavi?

Never before has Pick-by-Vision been implemented more successfully than by Picavi. Picavi provides everything for a perfect ecosystem. Software, smart glasses and Picavi Power Control work in perfect harmony. This results in a much faster and more reliable material flow. Ease of handling is every worker’s dream come true.

We count on long term customer relations and are always there to support you – 24/7.

Picavi - Pick-by-Vision

Are you looking for a competent solution to make your Pick-by-Vision work smoothly? Then Picavi is your answer.

Increased productivity

Quicker. Faster.

Produktivitätssteigerung - Schneller. Besser.

Every pick in sight, for every task at hand.

Reduced error rate

Information at first sight.

The smart glasses as a personal assistant. Optimal routes for flawless picking.

Quick initial training

Your virtual assistant.

Technology meets natural movement.

Picavi - Intralogistik Lösung Made in Germany

Market-ready solutions "made in germany"

Our customers

After every new installation we are proud to have one more happy customer. We use the word innovation for a very good reason: Picavi provides an efficient, ready-to-use system that, thanks to modern technology, works reliably. Team composition and warehouse size are no barrier, we make your perfect solution come true!

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