Assisted reality in the warehouse – getting employees on board

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It doesn’t get any smarter! Smart glasses are one of the most significant developments in order picking. Augmenting reality with context-based information makes work much more precise. The glasses have become an indispensable part of warehouse life. In this post, we explain the important aspects of introducing assisted reality.

Change or be left behind!

Change is an inevitable part of our globalized world. In the past, decision-makers rarely paid much attention to the need for change. For most, leaving their comfort zone was an uncomfortable prospect. The maxim was often: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But these old ways of thinking often stop businesses from growing.

The digital revolution is forcing companies to rethink existing business models. Using new technologies has become a key part of staying competitive. But what factors determine successful implementation? Corporate culture is often a key element. This includes how you and your team work together and communicate. Forward-thinking companies place value on openness, trust and digital thinking.

Space for inspiration – your employees are the most important asset in any project.

Assisted reality now – how to get your warehouse staff on board

1. Clear and transparent communication is essential

Each of us reacts differently to change. When introducing smart glasses, it is important to develop a strategy. The goal is not to force people to use wearables, but rather to communicate the benefits of doing so, such as greater flexibility and zero fatigue in work. To clear up any concerns quickly, you need to get your employees involved in the project from the start. This allows you to clarify important aspects like integrating the smart glasses into the warehouse management system, training, etc.


2. Be a good listener

There’s nothing wrong with asking questions. Some colleagues might not feel comfortable with asking questions in the first meeting. It may also be that something only becomes an issue later on. Always have your door open for staff so that they can express what is on their mind. Active listening often allows space for interesting ideas. Bear in mind that your warehouse workers know the picking processes inside out.


3. Focus on training

Good training can improve employees’ opinions of new technology. Assisted reality makes getting started with smart glasses a breeze. Your staff can familiarize themselves with the glasses’ user interface in just 15 minutes. This means they can be working more productively in no time.


4. Celebrate success together

Initial positive results come quickly after the smart glasses are introduced. Share these successes with all those involved with the project and celebrate. This will boost motivation for the changes.

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