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Pick-by-Vision Guided Assembly for Lean Manufacturing

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Pick-by-vision systems support lean manufacturing initiatives.

By reducing the risk of human error in production and assembly processes, pick-by-vision is an ideal solution for poka-yoke (error-proofing).

Pick-by-vision devices visually guide operators to pick the correct parts, in the right quantities, and proper sequence. This reduces errors and defects while increasing productivity by eliminating a common source of wasted time like checking and re-checking instructions.

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Pick-By-Vision Provides Rapid ROI

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Pick-By-Vision For 3PLs With Multi-Shift Picks Provides Rapid ROI

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Header for blog: Finding Opportunities in Change

Finding opportunities in change

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What do charcoal burners, coopers and typesetters have in common? They are all jobs that are almost completely extinct. Time waits for no one. That was true 100 years ago and it’s true today. Virtually every industry has jobs that are seemingly endangered thanks to digitalization and automation. But according to experts who study the future of work, these changes are more of an opportunity than a threat.


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