AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG

By April 4, 2018

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG is a leading modern agricultural company that specializes in agricultural products, animal feed, plant cultivation, agricultural technology, energy, construction and cooperative retail. The company sells its items for household, pets, gardens and horse riding via the Raiffeisen online store. Since January 2017, these items have been picked using the Picavi pick by vision solution.

At its 23,000-m2 distribution center in Münster in north-west Germany, the smart glasses are used to pick 1.2 million items every year.


There are currently very few businesses in the agricultural sector who use smart glasses in their logistics. This makes us a real pioneer here, and we are convinced that this technology is the future.

Markus Menne, Head of LogisticsAGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG
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Increased customer satisfaction, boost efficiency and reduced costs

Any possible improvements, such as the use of smart glasses in order picking, are aimed at increasing customer satisfaction, boosting efficiency and reducing costs. The company was able to integrate Picavi into the existing SAP environment quickly and easily thanks to the preprogrammed standard interface. The perfect interplay between the smart glasses and the SAP warehouse management system makes it possible to increase productivity in picking by 10 percent.

The start of e-commerce in 2014 marked a large step toward digitalization for the company. The use of pick by vision takes this development one step further. The Raiffeisen online store contains over 10,000 items. When picking the individual orders, the pickers are guided along optimized routes by the smart glasses.

Quick and easy implementation

Implementation is quick and easy due to the simple integration of the smart glasses into the existing warehouse environment. To this purpose, intralogistics software developer Picavi and leading SAP logistics consultancy io-consultants, developed a middleware-free interface between the Pick-by-Vision software and SAP WM/EWM.

10 % increase in productivity

There are plans to use the innovative technology for other tasks, such as inventory or moving goods in and out of storage. Pick-by-Vision solution will also be installed at additional AGRAVIS distribution centers.

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