By April 3, 2018


The Fiege Group is a pioneer in contract logistics, with 178 sites and almost 150 years of history. It provides customized logistics solutions that cover the entire supply chain, serving customers from sectors such as industry, consumer goods, fashion, retail, and e-commerce.

At its site in Worms in western Germany, Fiege uses the Picavi pick-by-vision solution for a leading manufacturer of power tools. The smart glasses have been in use here since April 2017, and are used to pick power tools, garden equipment and accessories.


The Picavi order picking system helps us save valuable time. For a contract logistics firm like us, that is a particularly important argument for this technology.

Michael Suden, Managing DirectorFiege Industry Logistic in Worms
Fiege Productivity

Productivity comparison

Fiege uses pick-by-vision for picking and packing processes that were previously carried out using pick-by-scan and pick-by-voice. The smart glasses enable an increase in productivity of ten percent compared to handhelds and five percent compared to headsets, putting them far ahead of these competing technologies.

85 Picavi smart glasses in use

Warehouse employees now use twenty pairs of smart glasses in their day-to-day picking operations, replacing the previously used handhelds or pick-by-voice technology. They use the glasses to pick large pieces of garden equipment, or compile tools and small accessory parts ready for dispatch. The site in Worms measures almost 20 acres and has 126,500 pallet spaces, from which the items are sent to customers all over the world.

Efficiency and ergonomics are two important factors for operations here. The smart glasses keep the pickers’ hands free and display the relevant data for the current job at all times. This allows the pickers to work faster and more accurately, while also concentrating on moving ergonomically around the warehouse.

Quick integration in just six weeks

Delivered ready to use, the Picavi system and Telnet interface were quickly integrated into Fiege’s existing warehouse processes in just six weeks.

This safeguarded communication using the existing warehouse management system, allowing operations to continue with no interruptions.

Clean and easy user interface

Picavi models the order data and transmits it in real time to the smart glasses display, which guides the picker step by step through the order. When it comes to communicating information, the Picavi user interface is much clearer and more concise than pick-by-scan or pick-by-voice.

High employee acceptance

Alongside these figures, pick-by-vision is easy to operate and quick to learn, leading to high acceptance among staff. After such a convincing performance, the aim now is to gradually expand Picavi to cover more processes at the warehouse in Worms.

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