Klosterfrau Healthcare

By April 4, 2018


Klosterfrau Berlin is the largest production facility of the Klosterfrau Healthcare Group, leading producer of non-prescription medical products, nutritional supplements and medicines in Germany. The facility produces over 65 million items every year, ranging from hard caramel and tablets to liquid medicines and gel syringes. Since fall 2016, the facility has been using the Picavi order picking system with smart glasses in day-to-day operations.

The display shows the warehouse workers all tasks that need to be completed, from the route-optimized removal to transporting and confirming the materials in the product dispatch areas. During these processes, the
pickers move between various buildings with around 5,000 storage spaces.


The cooperation with Picavi was so successful that we were able to go live with the smart glasses within 7 weeks.

Andreas Paul, Head of LogisticsKlosterfrau Berlin GmbH
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30% time savings

With the Picavi intralogistics solution, coupled in particular with the standard SAP interface, it did not take long until the first smart glasses were being used at Klosterfrau. Since then, they have been helping to ensure that data and materials flow reliably when the 350 raw materials, 1,400 packaging materials and 400 finished products required for production and sale are moved in and out of storage.

In the pharmaceuticals sector, the focus in logistics is on precision when safely handling the medicines and anesthetics. With Picavi, the company has been able to achieve a time saving of around 30 percent. This allows them to easily and reliably handle the much greater order volumes with the same level of staff.

Quick and easy implementation

Implementation is quick and easy due to the simple integration of the smart glasses into the existing warehouse environment. To this purpose, intralogistics software developer Picavi and leading SAP logistics consultancy io-consultants, developed a middleware-free interface between the Pick-by-Vision software and SAP WM/EWM.

Expansion to other areas

The acceptance and effectiveness of Picavi quickly led to use of the system being expanded to other areas. The aim is to implement it for the entire material flow, from goods receipt, quality control and material consumption in production orders all the way to individual shipping of the finished medical products.

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