By April 4, 2018


VWR supplies laboratories and production sites around the world with everything they need. More than 20,000 products are stocked at the distribution centre in Leuven, Belgium, alone.

Each day, up to 4,000 shipments leave the warehouse and are delivered to customers in the manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, education and healthcare sectors across Europe.


Our warehouse staff really likes working with the smart glasses. The intralogistics processes are already faster and more efficient, and new employees can familiarize themselves with the system in no time at all.

Jonathan De Deken, Director Distribution CenterVWR
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Always handsfree

The installation at VWR represents the first case where the Pick-by-Vision solution Picavi was connected to SAP as a standard interface without any middleware. VWR has since been using smart glasses for regular goods storage, removal and picking in Leuven.

The smart glasses are also being used for picking – when loading the shipping pallets, the material handler has both hands free and receives step-by-step instructions on the smart glasses display. Here, SAP WM sends the order to the Picavi software, upon which the material handler directly takes the best route to the storage place, registers the article with the integrated barcode scanner and then loads it onto the right pallet. The scan process confirms the ‘pick’, the data is automatically stored in the system, and SAP is updated in real time.

From Kick-Off until Go-Live in only 5 weeks!

Implementation is quick and easy due to the simple integration of the smart glasses into the existing warehouse environment. To this purpose, intralogistics software developer Picavi and leading SAP logistics consultancy io-consultants, developed a middleware-free interface between the Pick-by-Vision software and SAP WM/EWM.

3M safety glass for better staff protection

Special requirements, such as when dealing with chemicals, for instance, can also be met by the flexible Pick-by-Vision system – the smart glasses are fitted with 3M safety glass and thus comply with work protection standards. As a result of the positive experiences, Picavi smart glasses are being used at other sites in Germany and France.

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