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Pick-by-Vision Guided Assembly for Lean Manufacturing

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Pick-by-vision systems support lean manufacturing initiatives.

By reducing the risk of human error in production and assembly processes, pick-by-vision is an ideal solution for poka-yoke (error-proofing).

Pick-by-vision devices visually guide operators to pick the correct parts, in the right quantities, and proper sequence. This reduces errors and defects while increasing productivity by eliminating a common source of wasted time like checking and re-checking instructions.

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Picker with Picavi Smart Glasses

Pick-By-Vision Provides Rapid ROI

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Pick-By-Vision For 3PLs With Multi-Shift Picks Provides Rapid ROI

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Header for blog: Finding Opportunities in Change

Finding opportunities in change

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What do charcoal burners, coopers and typesetters have in common? They are all jobs that are almost completely extinct. Time waits for no one. That was true 100 years ago and it’s true today. Virtually every industry has jobs that are seemingly endangered thanks to digitalization and automation. But according to experts who study the future of work, these changes are more of an opportunity than a threat.


Pick-by-Vision Transforms the Logistics Process in Pump Equipment Warehouses

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During COVID-19 more pump manufacturers have taken a close look at logistics fulfillment processes. High SKU volume in warehouses with ten or more pickers are problematic because most pump equipment manufacturers fail to tailor the technology best-practices.

Some of the top pump equipment manufacturers are evaluating how to best harness real-time warehouse data that permits benchmarking of the fulfillment processes.

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Getting the most out of your order picking processes

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It is possible to have too much data

In logistics, intelligent process data can help make processes more efficient. At a time when requirements are becoming ever more demanding, this is increasingly important. But simply gathering the data is not enough. This simply leads to a huge big data pool that no one can make sense of. A much better approach is to generate the relevant measurement data straight from the individual steps of the picking process and analyze it. One of the tools that enables this is the business intelligence solution Picavi Cockpit.

How do you make sense of big data? The order picking process contains a huge amount of data that can be used to improve warehouse performance. But this data must be managed intelligently. Anyone working in logistics will tell you that requirements are becoming ever more demanding. Not only is the volume of orders growing, they need to be processed ever more quickly to allow for same-day delivery. This means that pickers need to work as fast as possible, while also avoiding errors.

Analyzing the right data

Our pick-by-vision system meets these needs. It uses smart glasses to intuitively guide pickers through the entire warehouse logistics process. The glasses, together with the system’s intelligent software, are perfect for collecting valuable information about a process. The screens show the picker all the information they need, such as the storage space and the quantity of goods to pick. Tracking important KPIs like pick data or the transport routes enables detailed analysis.

In addition, sensors in the glasses can measure the strength and coverage of the WiFi signal throughout the various storage spaces and working areas. Our business intelligence solution Picavi Cockpit makes it possible to detect any problems or disturbances early on in every step of the process. The associated data is then displayed in intuitive dashboards that the user can define themselves. This gives users a detailed and practical analysis of their procedures, helping them to find areas for improvement throughout the logistics process.

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Our new Vision Guide contains plenty of tricks, tips and practical examples that will help you get the most from your process data in an easy way.


Pick-by-Vision Transforms Logistics in Equipment Warehouses

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During COVID-19 more manufacturers have taken a close look at logistics fulfilment processes. High SKU volume in warehouses with ten or more pickers are problematic because most equipment manufacturers fail to tailor the technology best-practices.
Equipment manufacturers may require an overall audit or assessment from layout to processes enhancing and optimizing productivity and efficiency. Best-known for pick-by-vision glasses, it is the Picavi Cockpit technology real-time data that permits manufacturers to benchmark the warehouse and fulfilment processes.

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Rethinking Work

Why we need to rethink work

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The world of work is constantly changing. Nothing emphasizes this more than the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. From Zoom conferences and flexible working times to WFH, the way we work has changed dramatically to protect our health. “New Work” is the buzzword on everyone’s lips, and applies to all areas of our working lives. But what does it actually mean? Experts have been analyzing this exciting trend well before the dawn of the Covid-19 era.


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