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Thanks to its extensive knowledge of intralogistics and smart glasses, Picavi makes vision picking a practical solution. Our passion is to make your pick-by-vision project a reality.


A new kind of intralogistics

Picavi GmbH is an award-winning and well-recognized full-service provider with a 100 percent dedication of its intralogistics and wearable expertise to Pick-by-Vision solutions. By wearing smart glasses, a strict visual guidance through the complete picking process enables workers to maximize their productivity and minimize errors while working hands-free. Picavi is already being used by numerous logistics experts from a variety of sectors.

Based in Herzogenrath in Western Germany, the company was founded in 2013 as a high-tech start-up under the name Logcom GmbH, and combines many years of experience in IT and intralogistics. We used this expertise to turn smart glasses into a practical solution for the internal flow of goods and material.

Our History


Founding as Logcom GmbH


Implementation of the world's first pick-by-vision installation in a high-bay warehouse at Babor


Renaming to Picavi GmbH


Jens Harig becomes the new CEO


Installation of the world's largest fleet of pick-by-vision data glasses in intralogistics Neovia Logistics


Foundation of Picavi US Inc.


Launch Picavi Cockpit Business Intelligence Solution


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