7. October 2021

Continental relies on Picavi: Pick-by-Vision provides more efficiency in the automotive supply chain

Following a successful pilot project at the company’s Ingolstadt site, Continental will continue to rely on Picavi’s Pick-by-Vision for order picking in its automotive supply chain. The mobility expert is also planning to convert other plants to the innovative and efficiency-enhancing technology.

Warehouse worker at Continental using Picavi Pick by Vision

Fast Forward 2030: what the future automotive supply chain will look like

Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods. In this context, megatrends such as digitalization, globalization, connectivity, and individualization strongly influence Continental’s automotive supply chain. With its Industry 4.0 vision “Fast Forward 2030” the company is already providing an answer to the question of what the automotive supply chain will look like in 2030. Key factors include big data and artificial intelligence – but the worker remains at the center of all innovations.

The worker remains at the center of all innovation

This focus on the human being as a critical success factor is also seen in logistics. Continental previously relied on RF scanners to pick mechanical parts for the production of electronics. However, their handling proved to be complicated, bulky, and inefficient in day-to-day logistics. Therefore, the decision was made to implement an initial pilot project with Picavi’s Pick-by-Vision solution at the Ingolstadt site. Management and employees alike were immediately impressed by the hands-free concept as well as the voice control and simplified menu navigation.

A strong partnership

“Pick-by-Vision is Picavi’s core competence and you can feel that from day one,” explains Julian Schier, Specialist SCM Operations & Material Flow Planning at Continental. “In addition, Picavi is a very pleasant, reliable and, above all, flexible partner.”

Following the successful implementation of the pilot project at the Ingolstadt site, the technology is now also being employed at other Continental distribution centers.

Continental Workers with Picavi Pick by Vision systems

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