The world’s largest pick-by-vision installation

Neovia Logistics: the world’s largest pick-by-vision installation

Neovia Logistics is a leading logistics specialist that has been using Picavi smart glasses since 2019. The American company is active in over 20 countries around the world. In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, the firm decided to further expand its inventory of smart glasses. Remote installation made this possible without Picavi’s technicians having to be on site. As a result, the company now has the largest inventory of smart glasses in the intralogistics industry.

Customer quote

“When our voice solution was at end of life, we were looking for an innovative concept to help drive productivity and quality over what we had with voice. The Picavi solution fit that need. Not only did we realize productivity improvements of 15%, but we saw a 60% reduction in the training time, from both the trainee and the trainer. And we have maintained these gains now for over two years.”

Kyle Cridlin, NEOVIA Innovation Manager

Commissioning smart glasses during a pandemic

After the pick-by-vision system helped achieve major productivity increases at the first sites where it was used, Neovia Logistics decided to expand its inventory of smart glasses. It planned to install the technology at other sites in Europe and the USA, with the ultimate aim of moving completely to the hands-free system. There was just one problem: the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the resulting hygiene and social distancing measures.

The solution: remote installation

Remote installation proved to be the perfect solution, allowing Picavi to deliver the smart glasses to the various sites in Europe and the USA. The hardware was prepared to make it quick and easy to install by the key users in the logistics centers. This involved setting up the customer software with a customized menu guide and connecting it to the warehouse management system on site.

The hardware was connected before delivery, thus reducing the on-site installation requirements to a minimum. The glasses were connected to the respective site using the business intelligence software Picavi Cockpit, which features integrated mobile device management. After some brief training, the pickers on site were ready to start work with the intuitive system.

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The quick way to boost efficiency

Shortly after the implementation phase, Neovia Logistics was able to boost efficiency by 15%. The simple visual guidance reduces the training time by up to 60%. There have also been significant improvements in both the precision of the dispatched orders and the training time for new employees.

Today, Neovia Logistics has global site licenses for Picavi pick-by-vision and the largest inventory of smart glasses in the global intralogistics industry.

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