How does vision picking work?

We developed our Picavi pick by vision solution specifically for use in warehouse and process logistics. The system simplifies the workflow and makes it more efficient. In order picking in particular, the solution can save time (up to 30%), reduce error rates, lower fatigue among staff and ensure strict, visual process guidance in the warehouse.
The smart glasses guide workers step by step through the process and the warehouse, providing all the information needed for order picking. The integrated barcode scanner verifies every process step in real time and conveys this information directly to the warehouse management system (WMS). This gives staff a response for each task carried out. An error message appears if a barcode is scanned incorrectly. Picavi’s strict visual process guidance and intuitive operation allows the warehouse worker to concentrate on picking.
Our standard interfaces for various warehouse management systems, such as SAP WM/EWM, viadat, ProStore® and many more, enable quick and seamless integration into existing infrastructures.

Smart glasses – The tool you don’t even notice

In order to encourage acceptance of our pick by vision solution among warehouse staff, we always make sure that the smart glasses are comfortable and easy to wear. This allows pickers to work efficiently and ergonomically. The smart glasses are light and sits perfectly balanced on the nose. In fact, those using it in intralogistics often forget they are wearing it. For ergonomically challenging situations, such as trying to scan a barcode close to the floor, we introduced a ring scanner connected to the smart glasses via Bluetooth. This makes scanning barcodes easy, wherever they may be. Working with smart glasses means light, flexible and hands-free visual guidance.

Picavi Power Control for constant use

To ensure that the smart glasses can be used for long periods, they are supplied with sufficient energy by the Picavi Power Control (PPC) – a combined battery and control unit. External power supply is essential for continuous operation, as the internal batteries of all current smart glasses models quickly reach their limits. Picavi Power Control, by contrast, provides enough energy for an entire shift even at high pick density.
Weighing 200 g and secured to clothing by means of a simple belt clip, the light PPC also offers an alternative control method for the smart glasses using five large buttons. These can be programmed with functions such as “confirm”, “menu” and “back”, and can also be operated easily using gloves. This makes it possible to operate different smart glasses models using the same controls.

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