24. February 2021

How logistics specialists are optimizing the user interface

80% of the information we receive comes through our eyes. This figure alone gives you an idea of how important is to have a good user interface. Investing here can therefore be worthwhile. After all, the better the presentation of information, the greater the chance of success. But what do users need to look out for here? And what added value can a good user interface deliver in everyday business? 

What is a user interface?

Let’s start with the most important question: what is a user interface and why is it so essential for the process? The user interface is the point of interaction between a person and a machine or the underlying software. It allows the user to communicate with the software or hardware via predefined commands and menus. In pick-by-vision, the user interface on the smart glasses is the screen that the picker constantly has in their field of vision. The display always shows the precise information that is relevant for the current work step. The system therefore guides the picker visually through the warehouse, allowing them to pick the right goods quickly. A good user interface can make a big difference in reducing errors and increasing productivity.

What makes a good user interface?

A good user interface that makes life easier for users is all about simplicity. The complexity of the overall process has to take a back seat. The user interface must only show the information that the worker needs to perform their task. To find out what information is important in which work step, it is necessary to analyze user behavior before designing the user interface. The insights gained from this then flow into the design of the displayed screens. We also recommend working with icons, images and characters. This makes it possible to almost replace all of the text in the user’s field of vision, or at least reduce it to a minimum. It has been scientifically proven that human beings process images much faster than text. Visual representation of the goods to be picked on the user interface helps prevent human errors and overcomes language barriers.

The user interface as an assistant

The situation in the warehouse is another major factor. As processes vary between warehouses, the user interface needs to be adapted to these. Flexibility, a cleverly designed display and unmistakable instructions are key. Once these aspects are taken into account, the user interface works as an assistant system that guides the user precisely through the work process and makes their life easier, without overwhelming them. A good interface therefore enables zero-fatigue work and can help significantly increase both quality and productivity.

In summary, these are the factors that you need to look out for in user interface design:

  • Only display the information that is absolutely necessary. This stops your employees from being overwhelmed.


  • Reduce the amount of text in the user’s field of vision to a minimum. We recommend incorporating images and product visualizations. This prevents errors and overcomes language barriers.


  • Check whether it is possible to adjust the user interface to the respective work process. This helps you stay flexible, even if something should change in the process.

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