How smart glasses can bring success in intralogistics!

Everyone is always talking about how B2C is overtaking B2B. But in day-to-day logistics operations, the differences between the two are becoming ever fewer. That is why we no longer differentiate between B2C and B2B. We call everything H2H: Human-to-Human.

In an age of industry 4.0, automation and IoT, we at Picavi put people at the center of things. That is because people are the most important factor in the warehouse. This will continue to be true in future, due to human beings’ cognitive intelligence and flexibility. As work becomes ever more complex and skilled workers ever scarcer, the challenge is to provide these people with the best possible support.

Our solution is visual, hands-free process guidance with smart glasses for order picking, goods storage and shipping. Scientific studies prove that around 80% of the flood of information we receive every day is processed visually. The smart glasses therefore support the natural information processing mechanism and simplify the complexity of this process. Experts refer to this as mental convenience, warehouse employees simply call it “making the job easier”.

To see exactly how this works, watch this video about how our customer DocMorris uses the Picavi system.

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