4. February 2021

How to disinfect Picavi Smart Glasses

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, workplace hygiene and safety have never been more important for many logistics companies and managers. Pick-by-vision smart glasses can play an important role here.

How it works

We generally recommend cleaning the glasses after every use. Doing so is easy compared to other order picking systems. We recommend the use of alcohol-free, limited virucidal disinfection wipes, which are also commonly used in hospitals for the disinfection of technical equipment.

Cleaning the glasses regularly can also lengthen their service life and operating time. But it is important that staff understand the need for this additional step and receive appropriate training. Companies need to show their employees how to clean the glasses properly. They must explain why cleaning is important and how it can improve health and safety in the workplace.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has shown that pick-by-vision can reduce the risk of infection in warehouses when compared to other order picking solutions. It allows items to be picked largely without contact. Users need only touch the glasses when putting them on, activating them and taking them off. Operation and communication use voice commands.


Our 3 tips

To summarize, here are the three most important tips for cleaning the pick-by-vision smart glasses:

  1. Inform your staff. Explain how cleaning the glasses can increase their safety and contribute to business success.
  2. Clean the glasses thoroughly after every shift. This will extend their service life while boosting warehouse hygiene.
  3. We recommend using alcohol-free disinfection cloths. These are also used in hospitals for disinfecting technical devices.

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