It’s finally here! – Glass Enterprise Edition

We’ve waited a long time to be able to present the Glass Enterprise Edition. Picavi is one of just twelve Glass Partners worldwide, and has been working with the new model for around two years. As intralogistics experts, we therefore know how best to use Glass Enterprise Edition in day-to-day warehouse operations. This Headstarter will tell you everything you need to know about the latest model of Glass!

Picavi + Glass = Wearability

Weighing just 42 g, Glass Enterprise Edition is one of the lightest smart glasses models currently in use among our customers. It weighs only slightly more than a normal pair of glasses. It is also 100% balanced and sits securely on the nose. We therefore see Glass as a true wearable. Combined with Picavi and the right accessories, the smart glasses have been received very well by warehouse workers, who have quickly come to accept them as a useful tool for their work. From prescription lenses to safety glass, the Click & Go technology allows users to adapt the glasses to their needs:

Avella frame Glass

Glass also offers a quick and simple way to integrate individual prescription lenses, with the smart glasses attached to a special frame.

Sicherheitsbrille Glass

The same principle also applies to the safety glasses. This model features a quick-change mechanism that allows users to easily replace lenses.

There is even a smart solution for heightened safety requirements, thanks to a clip mechanism that lets users quickly attach the certified safety shields from 3M.

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