Hands-free scanning: Picavi InstantScan

Picavi InstantScan expands the Picavi pick by vision solution with fully hands-free scanning and picking.

The new generation of pick by vision has arrived. Our latest development, Picavi InstantScan, makes using smart glasses during scanning even faster and easier. InstantScan enables intuitive order picking that is 100% hands free, allowing pickers to scan items without any contact or button press. All they have to do to trigger the scan is keep their head still by looking at and focusing on the barcode. The integrated scanner then automatically begins item identification.

This represents a further acceleration of the picking process. Alongside the extra time saving, Picavi InstantScan also keeps the picker’s hands free at all times, allowing them to safely transport fragile or hazardous items. They therefore no longer have to pick up an additional handheld scanner, for example.
Picavi InstantScan makes order picking even faster. Simply focus briefly on the barcode, scan, and move to the next storage location. The picker immediately receives all the relevant information for the next pick, and must no longer activate the camera before every scan. This means that for the picker, the pick by vision solution no longer feels like an additional piece of hardware, but rather a natural aid in their work process.

Picavi also has a solution for more challenging scanning situations. A small Bluetooth ring scanner, available as an accessory, enables the picker to deal with ergonomically demanding scenarios. If the barcode is on the foot of the pallet or in poorly lit storage locations, the ring scanner simplifies scanning and can be easily integrated into processes where required. Worn on the index finger, the external scanner is constantly connected to the smart glasses via Bluetooth, allowing all required information to be displayed in the upper field of vision. The following video clearly demonstrates how our ring scanner works in practice. Pickers can scan difficult-to-reach areas and efficiently complete their picking jobs, all thanks to the little helper on the end of their finger.

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