Become a Picavi partner

Become a Picavi partner

The market for vision picking technology is growing fast. Even if many providers in the intralogistics sector first ask themselves the question of “make or buy?” when it comes to innovative picking methods, cooperation with an expert and flexible partner soon becomes the preferred option. As a Picavi partner, you can receive tools, resources and support to help expand this fascinating area together with us to help your customers.

All the help to support your customers
Picavi partners receive product-focused technology and sales training seminars and support.

  • Sales partners

    Intralogistics experts who plan logistics processes or ready-to-use logistics systems for their customers, for example, can include vision picking in their product portfolio.

  • Integration partners

    Existing Picavi sales or technology partners can offer, plan and roll out their own projects that use Picavi vision picking as an important component in order picking.

  • Technology partners

    Providers of ERP and warehouse management systems can implement an interface to Picavi with us, in order to make integrating this fascinating technology simple.

  • Service partners

    Businesses that offer interesting services for implementing warehouse systems (e.g. services for ensuring full WLAN coverage) can cooperate with Picavi and include their services in the vision picking package.


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