wrh global australia

WRH Global Australia

WRH Global Australia is a wholly owned sales and service organisation supplying the Australian and New Zealand manufacturing industries. Apart from promoting technology of Ferag and Denipro, we represent additional trade partners, all of them being leaders in their own field.
Incorporated in 1986, we have a proud history of successfully supplying our affiliated industries and have created strong relationships with all levels of the marketplace; from small family firms to large multinational organisations.

Our commitment to servicing our customers together with state of the art technology and the comprehensive range of consumables means that WRH Global Australia is regarded as one of the leading suppliers today.

WRH Global Australia Pty Ltd is Picavi’s sales and integration partner for the Australian market. Thanks to WRH Global’s many years of experience, Picavi has a strong, expert partner on which it can rely to efficiently implement its pick by vision solutions.

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