Picavi Cockpit

Everything made simple.

Do you need to add new smart glasses to your existing set?

Do your current smart glasses need an update?

Do you need to show the current glasses display on a monitor for training purposes?

The Picavi Cockpit makes management and maintenance simple.The Cockpit’s features make it easy to wirelessly install the smart glasses, no matter how big the project.

But these features, and many more like them, do not just benefit maintenance. The wireless connection also minimizes the costs for rollout and support.



The simple one-scan setup process brings your smart glasses to life, allowing you to incorporate them into your warehouse operations.

Screen Cast

Screen Casting

Screen casting provides a new and even easier way to train new employees by wirelessly showing the glasses display on a monitor. The display of the glasses can be shown on a monitor – ‘Over-the-Air’ – in no time at all.



The smart glasses receive updates and maintenance over the air, ensuring you are always using the latest software.

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