18. November 2021

Picavi Feature in Focus: the user interface in the multi-user warehouse

Picavi highlights a feature in its ecosystem that is a key advantage for logistics providers: the user interface. The Picavi UI always looks the same – regardless of the WMS or ERP system linked to it and regardless of the device used. 

Feature in focus: Picavi User Interface

Designed for complex multi-client warehouse networks

Logistics service providers often have complex multi-client warehouse networks with locations at different hubs. There is also increasing importance on a highly dynamic and nimble e-commerce framework. The goal is to ensure the greatest possible flexibility and speed in the distribution of goods for customers.

New customers who do not want to switch to the warehouse management system used in the 3PL warehouse are not uncommon in contract logistics. From an IT point of view, contract logistics providers therefore usually build on the customer’s systems. This quickly leads to a high degree of complexity: there are always new challenges, especially with the front-end connection to the devices used in the warehouse. This is not the case with the Picavi pick-by-vision solution.

A consistent UI across platforms and devices

Picavi is connected directly and without middleware to the ERP or WMS in use. The pick-by-vision solution exchanges data in real time with all common warehouse management or ERP systems – via already implemented and standardized interfaces. The big advantage is that the user interface (UI) of Picavi always looks the same – regardless of the inventory-managing WMS or ERP system linked to it and regardless of the device used.

An advantage during peak season – and year round

This advantage should not be underestimated by logistics service providers: Regardless of which customer the employees in the warehouse are currently working for, the UI of the pick-by-vision solution remains the same. On the display of the smart glasses, workers always receive exactly the information that is needed for the respective work step. In this way, employees are guided visually through the warehouse while the complexity of the overall process remains in the background.

This also helps during the peak season, for example, when employees change locations on short notice to cope with order peaks. They can work immediately with the usual tools – with maximum productivity and highest quality.

PS: In this blog post, we have summarized what else logisticians should pay attention to when designing the user interface.


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