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Push Notifications

Remote Support in the warehouse

Voice messages are one of the most popular functions in many messenger apps. Now, this feature is being used by industry too. We have expanded our smart glasses with a remote support function that uses push notifications. This allows important messages to be shared between workers and the control center during operations in both visual and audio form.

Push notifications: from the control center directly to your colleagues

Another day at the logistics center. The picking team is working and processing orders so that goods can be delivered on time. But what happens when there are problems, especially now during the Covid-19 pandemic when social distancing rules are in place? If staff in the control room want to communicate with pickers, it is normally only possible in person. When this happens, everyone has to stop what they are doing. To help maintain productivity during a shift, we now integrated push notifications into its pick-by-vision system. The remote support function enables contactless, bidirectional and individual communication in the warehouse.

Contactless, bi-directional communication.

This new feature allows staff in the control center to communicate directly with individual workers or a team of workers, regardless of their current location in the warehouse. This makes it possible to share important messages during operations without drops in productivity. Picavi has precisely adapted the user interface to the needs of warehouse employees. The system features two methods of communication, together with two priority levels. As well as sending text messages, the microphone in the smart glasses can be used to send voice messages between the control room and workers. The control room can also prioritize messages.

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Urgent messages immediately cover the whole screen with signal colors to draw the worker’s immediate attention.

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Less-urgent messages appear in the smart glasses as a banner. The picker can listen to them and process them either immediately or later.

“The new function in our pick-by-vision ecosystem encourages consistent productivity while also allowing a whole new level of flexibility. Push notifications make it easier for the control room to communicate with the workers, such as when prioritizing tasks. They also allow the picker to report problems in the warehouse to the control center immediately during operation.”

– Carsten Funke | CSO Picavi GmbH

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