Pick-by-choice: Flexible and visual process guidance

At work, most of us like to organize our day to be as varied and productive as possible. Modern technology gives us several ways to do this, but everything still revolves around strict, visual process guidance.

Virtually everyone knows how to use a touchscreen. Everywhere you look, people are touching smartphones and tablets. Our smart glasses work in the same way, allowing warehouse staff to use them easily and intuitively throughout the day.

Our Picavi Power Control makes controlling the system even more flexible and intuitive. Its five large and robust buttons are perfect for use in warehouse environments, while the integrated battery ensures a sufficient power supply for an entire shift.

Our Bluetooth ring scanner is another tool for data capture. The scanner can be easily connected to the smart glasses, allowing the user to quickly scan all 1D and 2D barcodes, even those in difficult-to-reach areas.

The latest feature in our ecosystem is voice commands for the smart glasses. This allows users to perform certain tasks much faster. A simple command, such as: “Correct quantity”, is all it takes to open the process step. It also offers an easy way to quickly enter long combinations of numbers and letters into the system.

Depending on the situation and their preference, warehouse workers can now select their favorite input mode so that they can complete their picking tasks quickly and reliably.

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