The Practicality of Smart Glasses.

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Several projects show that smart glasses alone do not automatically lead to success and acceptance. But what can be done to make them more practical? Alongside picking the right smart glasses and combining them with lean and efficient programming, the right accessories can be key to ensuring successful use. Today, we at Picavi can proudly say that we have a solution for every challenge.

When the battery life becomes a challenge!

It is common knowledge that smart glasses generally have a limited battery life. Taking warehouse working times into account, it quickly becomes clear that a two-hour battery life does not allow you to get a lot done in an eight- to nine-hour shift. This situation will not change much in the foreseeable future. Although battery technology is improving, the requirements are rising constantly too. That is why we developed the Picavi Power Control.

“External power supply is essential for continuous operation, as the internal batteries of all current smart glasses models run out after two to three hours, especially when scanning frequently.”   – Dirk Franke, CEO Picavi

Picavi Power Control, or PPC for short, ensures continuous shift operation and offers an alternative control method. Its five large buttons allow the user to operate the smart glasses even more intuitively. With a specially developed cable and industrial connector, the robust PPC is perfectly suited to the constant movements of warehouse work.

When the glasses cannot reach the barcode!

We also have a solution for this ergonomic challenge: the Bluetooth ring scanner. The scanner can be paired via Bluetooth with the smart glasses, so that the user continues to have all relevant picking information in their field of vision.

The tiny scanner provides a simple solution for any difficult situation, such as barcodes placed on the foot of a pallet or poorly illuminated storage locations. The little helper on their index finger allows the warehouse worker to complete their task efficiently.

In the last Headstarter, we showcased the range of options Picavi offers for users who wear prescription glasses and for environments with heightened safety precautions. But these are not limited to the Glass Enterprise Edition. The M300 also offers several options.
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