31. March 2021

Preventing picking errors and reducing costs – tips for logistics specialists

In many logistics centers, high-quality order picking is essential to making the overall process economically viable. Guaranteeing this is a major challenge, especially in large warehouses with a wide variety of products and lots of order pickers. Picking errors happen all the time, particularly with small products that are difficult to tell apart. These errors cost time and money, reducing profit margins. But there is one simple way to reduce order picking errors: Digitally visualizing the items can reduce error rates and increase picking quality by up to 20%.  

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Cutting down on errors with visualization 

Companies that handle a large number of products and containers are the ones that struggle most with mistakes in order picking. But these logistics operations with a high number of items in the warehouse, from tiny screws to large and bulky items, also stand to benefit most from product visualization and reduce the number of errors in the material flow.

This may not come as a big newsflash to many logistics experts. In many operations, products are already visualized to help pickers using simple images attached to the storage spaces. But keeping these images up to date is a time and labor-intensive process, especially when the products being handled change frequently. 

Flexible, in-process product visualization 

Pick-by-vision offers a modern way to reduce picking errors. This order picking system visually guides the user through the warehouse in a strict and intuitive way that also works across language barriers. The user interface can be tailored precisely to the needs of the picker. To reduce errors, it is also possible to incorporate product visualization into the process. Once the picker arrives at the correct storage space, they are shown a photo of the right product on the smart glasses, together with the quantity to be picked. This significantly increases process reliability and helps proactively avoid picking errors.  


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Quality improvement

Fewer picking errors and lower costs 

The system delivers significant improvements almost as soon as workers get used to it. The impressive results also lead to quick acceptance among users. By visualizing the items, it is possible to reduce error rates and improve quality by up to 20%. This figure is confirmed by reports from many users in industry.  

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