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We absorb 80% of all information with our eyes. This fact is the key for one of the most significant developments in intralogistics.

Pick-by-Vision forms a perfect symbiosis of modern technology and natural motion. Picavi offers smart glasses and complementary products that are tailor-made for the demands of man and machine. Our customers benefit from an efficient and flawless material flow. The outstanding results are reflected in positive figures and employee satisfaction.

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Our expertise for better intralogistics

Picavi offers a well coordinated turnkey system, ready to use and efficient right from the start. Picavi offers you concrete added value:

– efficient workflow
– minimal error rate
– 100% acceptance by your employees

Not sure if Pick-by-Vision is the solution for the daily challenges in your warehouse? Try our consulting service to build a foundation for your future-oriented decision.

We‘re there for you! Your personal project manager has the expertise to guarantee your success. Every team member at Picavi will work hard to assist you so your warehouse staff can breathe easy. Together we‘ll transform your potential into maximum efficiency. Even after you’ve reached your goals we‘re still available for your requests.

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Every company has unique requirements. This is why customised concepts are our standard. Together with our customers we asses their individual needs – the foundation for ready to use solutions.

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Competent support at any given time is one of the benefits working with Picavi. Regular updates, efficient maintenance and swift support ensure smooth commissioning processes.

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The perfect ecosystem

Looking for a partner that can meet all your needs? We offer our customers a sophisticated system of hardware and software components.

Whether intralogistic processes are quick and smooth depends on various factors. Our developers work hard to create reliable and elegant solutions, which have been proven successful in the field and leave room for further customization. Learn more about Picavi‘s products

Maximum power. Maximum Control.

Picavi Power Control

The perfect mix of Hardware and Software

Picavi Pure

Picavi smart glasses overview

Glass Enterprise
  • “See-through” solution
  • 640 × 360 pixel resolution
  • 42g total weight
Avella frame Glass
Glass Enterprise Edition with frame
  • „See-through“ solution
  • 640 × 360 pixel resolution
  • 58g total weight
Vuzix M300
  • „Look Around“ solution
  • 640 × 360 pixel resolution
  • 64g total weight

Which solution is perfect for you?

You are already surfing our website, that means you are searching for ways to improve your intralogistics. But which method and provider is the best for you? Regardless of your intralogistics, pick-by-vision will revolutionize your workflow. Process optimization, fatigue-free operation and high flexibility are important decision-making factors. Along with the information here we also provide information consulting.

  • increase in productivity
  • reduction of error rate
  • 100% acceptance
Pick-by-Vision Pick-by-Voice Pick-by-Light MDE-Terminal Pickliste
Flexible to use and expand Tick-Green Tick-Green Cross Cross Tick-Green
Location-independent use Tick-Green Tick-Green Cross Tick-Green Tick-Green
Handsfree Tick-Green Tick-Green Tick-Green Cross Cross
Strict visual & mobile process guidance Tick-Green Cross Cross Cross Cross
Real-time verification Tick-Green Cross Cross Cross Cross
Zero fatigue Tick-Green Cross Tick-Green Cross Cross
Error rate virtually zero Tick-Green Cross Cross Cross Cross
Integrated barcode scanner Tick-Green Cross Cross Tick-Green Tick-Green
Intuitive operation Tick-Green Cross Tick-Green Cross Cross
Seamless integration Tick-Green Tick-Green Cross Tick-Green Tick-Green
Usable in all areas of order picking Tick-Green Cross Cross Tick-Green Tick-Green
Serial number scanning Tick-Green Cross Cross Tick-Green Cross
Automatic transport jobs Tick-Green Cross Cross Tick-Green Cross
Permanent inventory Tick-Green Tick-Green Cross Tick-Green Cross

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