5. August 2021

Push notifications – remote support function for pick-by-vision

Voice messages have become an almost indispensable part of everyday life for many people. Virtually all messenger apps now offer this feature. They are quick, convenient and personal. By incorporating push notifications as a remote support function in our Picavi ecosystem, we are taking advantage of this. In this blog post, we explain how the new feature works and what benefits it brings to users in the warehouse.


Feature in focus: push notifications for direct communication between the control room and pickers

In many logistics centers, everyday work usually involves the pickers going out to process orders, in order to ensure they reach the customer on time. But what happens if there is a problem and the control center needs to communicate with the pickers? Even today, it is common that these challenges can only be discussed in person on the shop floor. When this happens, everyone has to stop what they are doing. Which is a problem.

Developed for consistent productivity

Enter our new push notifications function. We developed this to ensure consistent productivity during a shift. Push notifications enable contactless, bidirectional and individual communication in the warehouse. Staff in the control room can communicate directly with individual workers or a team of workers, regardless of their current location in the warehouse. This makes it possible to share important messages during operations without downtimes or drops in productivity. The push notifications make communication between the control room and the pickers much easier, such as when the control room has to reprioritize the pickers’ tasks at short notice. They also allow the warehouse staff to report problems to the control room immediately during operations. It is even possible to send automatic notifications to the control room for approval, in order to correct the picking quantity of a specific item, for example.


Prioritization of messages

When developing this new feature, we paid special attention to the user interface. This was adjusted specifically to the needs of the warehouse employees. The system features two integrated methods of communication, together with two priority levels. In addition to text messages sent directly to the display of the smart glasses, users can also send voice messages to the control room via the integrated microphone. The control room can also prioritize messages, marking urgent ones with signal colors, for example. These then cover the full screen surface on the glasses, thus requiring the immediate attention of the picker. Less-urgent messages appear in the smart glasses as a banner.

Would you like to experience pick-by-vision and the new push notifications feature live?

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