Smart glasses and data security

By November 16, 2018Allgemein, General

Smart glasses are quickly becoming the wearable technology of choice in the intralogistics sector. This is partly down to the fact that they offer state-of-the-art solutions to security issues.
Modern smart glasses are capable of working completely offline, removing the threat of external data access. The glasses are programmed to allow IT and warehouse staff to use only the functions of the pre-installed app, without direct access to the camera or other sensors. In terms of data security, this makes them just as safe as handhelds or voice headsets.

WLAN and access rights
When using smart glasses with a pick-by-vision system in a warehouse, we recommend keeping as little data as possible on end devices. Instead, companies should use the back-end inventory management system. This ensures that users only ever see the information they need for their current task. All data is transferred with the higher-level system automatically in real time, in order to constantly safeguard data integrity.

The glasses are protected against unauthorized external access, while access to the WLAN network is protected by certificate. This means that the glasses can only be used in the allocated network, usually in clearly designated areas such as inside the warehouse.

Control over data collection and storage
Today’s smart glasses are designed to allow Picavi to precisely control access to software and sensors like the camera, gyroscope and microphone, according to the respective purpose. It is also possible to block location and recording functions to ensure staff privacy. Additional factors like usage duration, number of picks and other performance data can be selected and recorded as required, according to business needs and employee consent.

Businesses that use smart glasses do so knowing that they are on the safe side. When combined with the right pick-by-vision system, the technology can bring countless advantages to intralogistics while keeping data safe and secure.

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