Smart glasses? Do they even work?

Of course, today!
Since 2013, we have focused exclusively on using smart glasses in logistics. We call it pick by vision. In this time, we’ve learned that success depends on a lot more than just the smart glasses themselves.

The Picavi ecosystem
After working with the technology for so many years, we’ve learned a lot and have found practical solutions to some tough challenges. Many of you will already know our combined battery and control unit Picavi Power Control. This came about after we noticed that the batteries in most smart glasses only lasted for about 2 hours of intensive use.

As this was nowhere near long enough for a shift in logistics, we looked for a solution. The result was not just an external battery, but a battery that can power the smart glasses for at least an entire shift with no interruptions and also functions as an alternative control element.

Developing the Picavi hardware
Many of you will be thinking: “Ok, but a battery is not exactly an ecosystem, is it?”
Sure. But the Picavi ecosystem covers much more than just the Picavi Power Control. We also developed a robust and skin-friendly cable that helps users perform their strenuous day-to-day tasks in the warehouse environment. What this all means is that we don’t just stick with the hardware provided by our partners, but look to develop our own practical solutions. To see how this works, take a look at how our customers use our technology.

The Picavi software
Visitors to the LogiMAT and CeMAT trade fairs were able to experience our new user interface up close. It uses a consistent, icon-based language to guide the user. This makes it possible to train people to use the system in just 15 minutes. What’s more important, however, is what happens beneath the interface.

Our expertise in smart glasses allows us to program the hardware in a very lean way. We prevent the glasses from running hot, for example.

Another important feature is the connection between Picavi and your warehouse management system. In Germany alone, there are around 450 such systems on the market. Through a number of projects, we have created several standard interfaces.

As we always say: Picking with smart glasses. It works, it’s live!Ich bin ein Textblock.

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