Smart glasses – With the right visualization to success!

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Reality-based user interfaces have revolutionized our lives. This has been particularly beneficial to warehouse employees in order picking. They can get the information they need at the press of a button, allowing them to work flexibly all day. But why is the smart glasses interface so user friendly?

These days, we are constantly absorbing new information, whether at work, on the street or via our smartphones. Around 80% of this information is received through our eyes. After seeing something with our eyes, our brains require a certain amount of time to fully process the information. There are several factors that influence the degree to which we understand this information and how long we remember it. One of the most important of these is the way the information is presented. It is this that is the foundation for our smart glasses’ success

Visual memory as the basis for designing computing wearables

Science has proven that when processing text, the human brain requires a great deal of time to determine meaning. When presented with images, however, we subconsciously create an initial impressionof the provided information in just a few seconds, so that we can access it again quickly in our mind.

Computing wearables are developed along the same principle. Presenting information in a simple waymakes it easier for users to control hardware and software. That is why a user-friendly interface between the worker and the computeris so important.

Glass Enterprise Edition II

The Picavi smart glasses user interface – intuitive and easy to use

The core of our product range is the intuitive and customizable user interface. The use of images, icons and little text makes the information clearer and easier to understand. This prevents fatigue and provides a high degree of flexibility.

Other advantages of our smart glasses user interface include:

  • Consistent action sequences in similar situations.
  • Automatic error detection.
  • Easy operation.
  • The graphical presentation of information overcomes potential language barriers. Warehouse employees are guided visually through the work process.
  • Relieves the warehouse employee’s short-term memory by removing the need for them to remember so much information at the same time.
  • Fast user training.

Interested? If you want to successfully make pick-by-vision a part of your warehouse, we are here to help with the right solutions.

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