6. May 2021

The benefits of voice control with pick-by-vision

Pick-by-vision visually guides the user through the warehouse. Using a virtual display projected in front of the user’s eye, the smart glasses provide the picker with all the information they need for their tasks. Compared to other systems, this delivers greater productivity and higher pick quality. But how is pick-by-vision actually controlled? We hear this question often, and in this blog post we are providing the answer.

Picavi Blog Voice Control

Feature in focus: Controlling pick-by-vision

There are many different ways of controlling the work process. The first is to use the touch pad on the smart glasses themselves. The user can also control the system intuitively via the ergonomic buttons on the Picavi Power Control. Today, however, most users rely on our integrated voice control. This allows pickers to control the entire work process with their voice, using a microphone integrated in the smart glasses. This control method delivers a range of benefits that improve both productivity and pick quality.

Hands free throughout the entire process

Voice control ensures the user has both hands free throughout the entire process, making the procedure more ergonomic and accelerating picking. The picker can also concentrate fully on the task at hand throughout their shift. The voice control lets the user correct quantities or perform similar everyday actions quickly and precisely.

They are also relieved of having to click through various submenus, as is the case with handhelds, and can initiate the right process with just a single word or instruction. The picker can track their commands in real time on the smart glasses display. This means they always know where they are in the process, while the display lets them verify the voice commands.

Picavi Blog Voice Control

By integrating voice control in this way, pick-by-vision combines the benefits of all other picking methods. It therefore represents an all-round solution that grants excellent ergonomic comfort to users and ensures outstanding performance for logistics companies. The user can control the glasses and the entire work process simply using their voice. This combination of visual information presentation and voice control is intuitive and ergonomic, and has proven highly efficient among users.

Are you looking to boost ergonomic comfort for your team and increase productivity in logistics? We’ve got a few tricks that will help you achieve significant improvements quickly. To find out more, read our fee Vision Guide.

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