4. March 2021

The Human Digital Twin in Logistics

More and more companies are looking to use the data generated in logistics processes to optimize their procedures. Human Digital Twin technology is becoming an increasingly important part of this. But how is a Human Digital Twin created? And what value can it bring to the warehouse?

Picavi Human Digital Twin in Logistics

What is a Digital Twin?

Digital twins have been an intelligent tool for optimizing supply chains in logistics for several years now. These are highly accurate, virtual representations of the entire logistics process. The technology has its origins in the planning of new logistics systems. The digital twin now accompanies many logistics systems throughout their entire life cycle, from planning and construction all the way to operation.

What is a Human Digital Twin?

By contrast, the concept of the Human Digital Twin has yet to become widespread in industry and intralogistics. The Human Digital Twin is the digital representation of a human being. In logistics, it therefore represents the warehouse worker as they go about their day-to-day tasks.
One example of this is the picker. All actions relevant to their tasks are reflected in the Human Digital Twin. These include transport routes and times, scans and movements. This information is compiled with important operational parameters like WLAN coverage and resources in the warehouse, creating a highly accurate, virtual representation of the worker that is continuously improved through real sensor data.
Abbildung eines Human Digital Twin

The advantages of Human Digital Twins

Human Digital Twins offer many advantages in logistics and supply chain management. As they are based on real process data, they ensure a much more realistic and better understanding of processes. Objective data can be used to uncover errors and areas for improvement. Any changes to processes can be safely tested first in the Human Digital Twin, before being implemented in the real world. This proactively minimizes the risk of failures or downtimes in the logistic process. The Human Digital Twin also makes onboarding of new employees easier, as the training is based on digital empirical values. 

How are Human Digital Twins created?

In order to gain a virtual representation of the worker in the warehouse, logistics specialists first need to collect and use the data generated in the relevant process. We have integrated an analytics feature for this purpose in our business intelligence solution Picavi Cockpit. The feature serves as a central point for collecting, aggregating and visualizing all the important information. The data is collected by the sensors integrated in our pick-by-vision smart glasses and is continuously updated. This gradually creates a highly accurate and objective model of the warehouse worker.

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