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“New work” has become one of the latest buzzwords on everyone’s lips. Lockdowns in response to the coronavirus pandemic have pushed the issue up the agenda of many decision makers. Many businesses have seen radical changes as the result of digitalization, working from home and more flexible work arrangements. But how will the way we work develop in the future?

What are the principles that business leaders should pay attention to? Join our on demand event now. Among the prominent guests will be Mireia Aguilera, Head of Partnerships at Google Glass, and Raphael Gielgen, Future of Work Trendscout at Vitra.

The events of recent months have starkly highlighted the importance of digitalization and staying connected throughout the entire economy. Countless businesses were able to quickly put the conditions in place for their staff to work at any place and, in some cases, any time.

Virtual meetings, mobile work and the flexibility that come with these changes are increasingly becoming part of the “new normal”. Despite this, many decision makers are still faced with major challenges in terms of designing workplaces and developing a “new work” philosophy for their companies.



  • What is “New Work”?
  • What do you need to make it work?
  • And what about logistics?

Our speakers

Raphael Gielgen
Vitra Trendscout, Future of Work

Do you know this one guy in your company who everyone thinks he is crazy? Raphael Gielgen is exactly this guy. His curiosity, restless search for explanation and his desire to explore, reflect and redefine everything may sometimes be challengenging his colleagues. But when he arrives in the office after a long journey, he tells you stories that may sound more like an utopian vision to you, rather than real experiences of existing places. He visits more than 100 companies a year. Whilst traveling around the globe, the whole world is his laboratory and the future his research area. He meets protagonists from the near and distant future. His experiences are shown in his »Panorama« – a map for trends and patterns of a new world full of hackers and makers.

Mireia Aguilera currently serves as Head of Glass Partnerships at Google. She has over 10 years of experience in the mobile and wearables industry.

She leads the strategy of the Glass ecosystem partnerships to help customers to be more productive with technology and innovation. She is passionate about transforming the way that people work.

Mireia Aguilera
Head of Glass Partnerships

Johanna Bellenberg
Director Marketing & Communications, Picavi

Johanna Bellenberg is Director Marketing & Communications at Picavi and is responsible for the brand strategy of the high-tech company. She has several years of experience in brand building and marketing.

Together with the Picavi team, she works with great passion to establish pick-by-vision as the standard in logistics.

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