13. November 2020

Why digitization has become the no. 1 issue in intralogistics

The logistics sector is going digital and the Covid-19 pandemic is accelerating this trend. That is the result of a new study by the German Logistics Association (BVL). In order to further increase their resilience, logistics firms are doubling down on digitizing their businesses.

Digital Transformation accelerated

76% of the companies surveyed in the BVL study said that digital transformation had accelerated as a result of the pandemic. 64% believe that a greater degree of digitization could have reduced the pandemic’s impact. The study makes it clear that digitizing business processes is the most pressing issue in the logistics sector. It has helped solve the lack of specialized workers, which was top among companies’ concerns in 2018, but is now not even among the top five.


One of the main tasks in digital transformation is using the opportunities it offers to get more from logistics processes. But where exactly is the hidden potential when it comes to digitization? Warehouse management systems are standard these days, while route planning tools and other software are also widespread. We at Picavi focus on the order picking process.

Digitization and Optimization

We have developed a business intelligence solution called Picavi Cockpit, which can help warehouse operators significantly improve their processes. Picavi Cockpit helps users of our pick-by-vision system truly unlock the potential of this order picking solution. The tool’s smart data analytics function lets users analyze and optimize all the major KPIs in intuitive dashboards. The data collected can then be used to make improvements in countless areas of warehouse operations.

In our latest white paper, you can find out how this simple digital tool can help you make big changes in your warehouse. Take a look and enjoy the free download.

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